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History of KLSFC

In 1967, 8-year-old Geoff Kay tried out for his local Seven Hills Soccer Club Under 9 boys team. Geoff’s father Jim Kay was surprised to hear that they wouldn’t accept Geoff, as they only wanted "players with experience”.

Not to be deterred, Jim approached the Principal of nearby Lynwood Park Public School and asked for permission for his son Geoff and a friend to distribute some flyers to see if there was enough interest to get a team together for his son. The response was overwhelming and soon there was enough players to field five teams. With these players, a new sports club was born.

The club approached Blacktown Council and was given permission to use Lynwood Park as its home ground. A group of parents formed the first committee, and they set to work transforming the reserve into a space suitable for football. The area was covered in tree stumps and rocks which had to be dug out and removed by hand. A local plumber and father of one of the new players supervised the digging of drainage trenches, which was also done by hand.

A competition was run to select an identity and Keith Davidson won with his selection of the now iconic pegasus horse with the royal blue with red and white trimming The mothers of the players rallied together to form a Women’s Auxiliary and handmade the first shirts.

The club was named Lynwood Sports Club as the original plans submitted to council also called for tennis courts on Venn Avenue (where the scout hall stands today) and a hockey field across the creek, which is where our U8s play today. The club wasn’t able to get enough interest in hockey so the focus remained on soccer.

The original canteen was built on the site where the water tank now stands. It was constructed with donated Besser blocks that had to be hand-cleaned first. When work began on the foundation of the canteen, the volunteers arrived the next morning to find someone had knocked the blocks down and they had to start all over again. Some things never change.

Lynwood Sports Club initially played in the Granville competition, and the 1974 U21 team coached by Jim Kay went on to win the NSW Champion of Champions title for their age group. Disagreements between Jim and the committee of the time around appropriate recognition of this outstanding achievement led to our founder a moving on from the club and forming a new club in the region - Parklea SFC - creating the Blacktown and District Soccer Football Association’s enduring local derby.

It was around this time that Lynwood Sports Club changed its name to Kings Langley Soccer Football Club, and became one of the foundation clubs of the new Blacktown and District Soccer Football Association which was formed in time for the 1979 season.

And the rest, as they say, is history…


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