Grading and Muster

Grading and Muster Schedule for the 2024 Season

Grading - the process of assessing the abilities of individual players and/or teams to ensure that they are placed in a Development league or division that best suits the needs of the players and will provide an opportunity for players to develop and thrive with players at a similar level as their own.

Muster - once grading is completed, age groups are gathered together and players find out which teams and divisions they have been placed in.

Why do we run grading?

All clubs in the Blacktown and District Soccer Football Association are required to grade players as part of their membership affiliation with the BSDFA. Grading ensures that all players have the opportunity to play in a competition with other players of similar ability, giving every player the chance to grow and improve while creating an environment that is fairer for everyone. 

Grading takes place for all teams from Under 8s and above. Where only one team will be entered into an age group, the grading process will be used to determine the most appropriate level when the club makes it recommendations to the BDSFA at the start of each season.

Players in the age groups U5 to U7 are not required to be graded. Players in these age groups are often placed with friends from school.

The grading process

Only registered and fully financial members are able to take part in grading sessions. Please do not wait until grading night to register, as we cannot guarantee that anyone will be available to assist with the registration or payment processes, particularly if extra support is required for things like redeeming the Active Kids voucher.

Players must arrive 30 minutes prior to their allocated grading session to allow enough time for administration and setup, and for all players to get ready for the session.

Players must bring and wear shin pads and boots. Due to player safety and insurance reasons, players without shin pads and boots will not be permitted to take part in any grading sessions on that day. This is for the safety of your children and those around them.

Players must bring their own full water bottle and should not share their drink bottle with others.

Players who do not attend grading are likely to be placed in the lowest-graded team for their age group or whichever teams have vacancies that need filling. It is the responsibility of the player or their guardian to contact the club prior to the grading session if they know that they will be unable to attend.

When is grading?

The Grading and Muster dates listed below are pending favourable weather conditions and availability of the grounds as it overlaps with the end of the cricket season. Any changes to the dates will be communicated to our community as soon as possible.




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