Meet the Queens of Kings - Suzanne

It's time to meet the indomitable force of nature that is our Sponsorship Coordinator and coach of U11/5, Suzanne.

Name: Suzanne

Role: Sponsorship Coordinator & Coach

How long have you been coaching? Mother of 7 gremlins, introduced to Kings when No. 2 was 5 in 1998. I started as Manager which led to Coaching within weeks ha ha ha so a while now and absolutely LOVE IT…

How long have you been on the committee? I have been on the committee for many years now. I helped out as much as I could behind the scenes before joining, and eventually, I joined officially. I am still committed even though I’ve no children playing any more...

What motivates you to continue volunteering your time? KINGS has always been close to my heart and always will be that’s for sure, Recruiting many and watching them grow is awesome. Coaching is something that gives you inner strength providing a safe place for players, their siblings etc you get to know families not just players on a team. I have a strong passion, desire and devotion towards coaching soccer. Pushing players to further their knowledge and skills, bringing out their best, each has individual talents watching a HUGE smile that brightens them in so many ways, especially their confidence, their hard work makes ME smile.

What's your favourite part about being on the committee and coaching? I have given myself experiences, countless memories, new friends and connections. Over many years I’ve watched Kings grow into what it is today, continuing to be connected to each player, their families and especially the community NOW and in the BIG BRIGHT FUTURE for many years ahead.

“Kings will continue to push out the Scott Jamieson, Tim Hodge so watch out Ronaldo, Messi...”


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