Registrations for 2019

Grading schedule is now available! Go the News section for more information. 

Registration Fees

Kings Langley Soccer Football Club has changed its fee structure to better match the fees that are levied by Football NSW and the Blacktown and District Soccer Football Association for different age groups.

Following on from feedback provided by many parents at the end of last season, we will not be collecting a weekly match fee in 2019. Registration is now all inclusive.

Open Goals - $100 ($0 after Active Kids voucher where applicable)
Under 5 - $130 ($30 after Active Kids voucher)
Under 6–Under 9 - $150 ($50 after Active Kids voucher)
Under 10 - $160 ($60 after Active Kids voucher)
Under 12–Under 17 - $190 ($90 after Active Kids voucher)
Under 18 aged players - $245 ($145 after Active Kids where applicable)
Under 19 aged players to All Age/Masters - $345
Under 19 aged players to All Age/Masters student - $320

How to register

The Football Federation Australia has replaced the old MyFootballClub with a new system call Play Football. You no longer need to know your FFA number to register, but you will need to set up a new Football Account.

https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=74783 will take you directly to the Kings Langley SFC page in PlayFootball, making it easier to find us.

More information on the new system is available at https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/solutions/articles/22000235218-self-registration-players and https://www.playfootball.com.au/register.

The FFA has transferred all old MyFootballClub account details over to the new system. Players with an old MyFootballClub account will be able to claim their account history by creating a new account using the same email address they had with MyFootballClub.

Although personal details have been transferred, a new photo will need to be included with each new registration. The old photos have not been transferred across to the new system.

Active Kids

Kings Langley Soccer Football Club is again a registered Active Kids provider for the 2019 season. Parents will need to apply for a new voucher number from the Service NSW website at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher.

Please ensure that you have obtained your voucher number before registering and that you use it during the online registration process. The club will not be applying the discount on registrations after the fact.

How to pay

As per previous seasons, you can pay either online at the time of registration, or in person at the clubhouse after you have completed the online registration.

New in 2019, you can now easily set up a payment plan of one down payment and three equal monthly instalments. Note that you cannot use the payment plan if you are intend to use the Active Kids voucher. Players or parents whose payment needs do not match the options below are encouraged to contact the club via the Secretary email (secretary@kingslangleysoccerclub.com.au).

Payment needs to be made either in full or as part of a formal payment plan below for players to take part in the grading process and other pre-season activities.

To set up a payment plan, please follow the links for the relevant age group. Please enter the player name and FFA number as the Your Reference number at the top of the form.

Open Goals - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=25&tAmount=100&debits=2

Under 5 - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=32.5&tAmount=130&debits=2

Under 6 to Under 9 - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=37.5&tAmount=150&debits=2

Under 10 - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=40&tAmount=160

Under 12 to Under 16 - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=47.5&tAmount=190&debits=2

Under 17 aged players - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=47.5&tAmount=190&debits=2

Under 18 aged players - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=61.25&tAmount=245&debits=2

Under 19 aged to All Ages/Masters - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=86.25&tAmount=345&debits=2

Under 19 age to All Ages/Masters student - https://secure.ezidebit.com.au/webddr/Request.aspx?a=98D458CA-C932-4FC6-601F-6370EA5F6076&dur=2&freq=4&oAmount=0&rAmount=80&tAmount=320&debits=2

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